Saturday, September 24, 2011

Angel 80's Porn Star

Angel, 41, arrived onto the scene in 1984 at the ripe old age of 18 and immediately shot to the top of the porn world. Angel’s beauty is unmistakable at first glance. She is easily one of the most beautiful women to ever perform in an adult feature. Throughout the 80′s Angel starred in features with most of the key players who would later become porn legends: Ginger Lynn, Annette Haven, Seka, Harry Reems, Tom Byron, and Peter North just to name a few. But Angel did not achieve the same notoriety as many of these stars due to her sudden disappearance from the scene in the late 80′s and her generic stage name. She has been an elusive figure ever since. Angel did not keep any ties to the porn world after her retirement and the anonymity of an alias like “Angel” has only added to her mystique. There is virtually no information about Angel’s life after she left the porn industry. Most Angel fans are better described as fanatics because of her mesmerizing beauty and the passion she displayed in her scenes.
The only Angel fan club I have found is a Yahoo group (see link below). Much if the discussion on this board is about Angel and her current whereabouts. Many of the members claim to know her or know where she is, but no one really knows for sure. One of the members posted a high school photo of Angel to prove that he knew her before she entered the business.
Angel is truly a unique star in the adult world. Hopefully her story will one day be available to all of her adoring fans who have missed her so much since she retired from porn.
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