Thursday, September 29, 2011

Queen's Blade Game Book pdf

These books are hardbound, 8 1/2" x11" in size, and the interior art is in full color. They are printed in Japan, and each of these books is fully compatible with all the other Lost Worlds game books. However the text is in Japanese - there is an English on this page. A few of them have been printed in English. To see the English versions,

Below are the "Queen's Blade" series of books. The Japanese publisher also has a similar series called "Queen's Gate" and one called "Queen's Blade Rebellion".

LOST WORLDS is a fantasy combat game. It takes two books to play the game. Your book is your character/fighter, and each book has it's own advantages and weaknesses. To fight a duel you trade books, so you are looking at pictures of your opponent. Each picture shows what your opponent did last move. There are more than 50 other Lost Worlds combat picture books (each fully compatible with these Queens Blade books) at Lost World.

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